Essentials: Positioning and Benefits

Who we are

We at E3E believe in COMMITMENT and PROFESSIONALISM: we get involved in our clients business and understand consultancy as a trustful cooperation for a best-in-class effect. We believe that our clients know their business best. We empower our customers with knowledge, experience and best in class expertise to manage critical changes and challenges. We are committed to creating competitive advantage through unique solutions for our clients, driving sustainable impact and succeeding together with passion and trust.

Benefits and Approach

E3E's success is based on mature analysis and tailor-made solutions instead of standard industry answers. We know that the mix of individual and customized proven market solutions has the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients.

E3E generates successful outcomes for our clients by following three basic rules:
I. By our performance our clients achieve measurable improvements in its results by adopting our solutions
II. We provide a solution, a method or a management tool new to the client
III. Our client are in the position to be able to sustain the improvements over time

To adhere these rules we are more than experts in our fields. We serve as effective change agents and share accountability with our clients for the ultimate outcome of our consulting projects.

E3E uses a project framework which helps us to generate an optimal outcome (excerpt):

  • Projects are defined in terms of measurable improvements in clients' bottom line results
  • The project scope is determined by assessing what the clients will be willing and able to absorb and implement
  • Projects are divided into steps to produce rapid results and to gain the experience that enables further progress
  • The client and E3E work together as partners at every stage of the project

Results: manageable investments before seeing a payoff, shot cycle times, highly leveraged consultant time, low risks, high returns

Elements: Products & Services

Efficiency: Lean Processes, Cost Containment and Organization

We at E3E have a deep know-how of optimizing operations, costs and organizations in a wide range of industries. We significantly increase the productivity of work, of investments, of time and of knowledge. With us our clients find the best balance between economy, quality, output and variability to maximize quick achivements and results.
Effectiveness: Strategy and Sustainablility

We at E3E help to avoid strategic cost-traps and the usage of market opportunities to sustain and to success our clients business. We conduct site consolidations, post merger integrations and make innovative technologies useful as well as implementing the best-of-breed / best-of-need management methods and tools. Optimizing our clients sourcing by finding the right mix of services needed, shared service centers, value networks or managing outsourcing partners. We protect competitive advantages as well as manageability.
Transformation: Implementation and Change

Each major transformation has to be managed, controlled, communicated. We help you with our expertise in vision building, strategy development, project and portfolio management.

Excerpt of our assignments:
  • Post Merger Integration: Analysis and planning of back-office integration for a world leading financial service provider. Pre-study phasis comparing different solutions, assessing business requirements coverage and cost impact of standard software use and industry solutions
  • Cost Efficiency: Optimizing infrastructure and ressource consumption; Right sizing of infrastructure, landscape and services
  • Integration preparation: Managing RFP phase with collection of business requirements, specification of future solution and vendor selection along with risk mitigation for multi-year, multi-million volume
Challenges we address:
  • Consolidation: Reduce the risk of heterogeneous business and systems as impact of acquisitions and new business trends on operative business management, financial reporting/closing and compliance, esp. with regards to audit trails, improved quality and traceability of data
  • Strategic Risks: Improved competitiveness by reacting on new business trends, evaluating flexibility needed vs. maintenance effort with focus on organizational independency and intercultural specifics, drawing a line between common business platforms and local market specifics in global corporations
  • Global cooperation: Interconnection between partners requires understanding each other. Standards and interfaces of processes and systems have to fit and support the common way
Excerpt of our assignments:
  • Restructuring: Setting up global processes and management, supported by shared service centres supporting a cost-effective nearshore model. Establishing a common view on costs and resources to enable a balance between centralization and local service support.
  • Process Optimization: Improving processes in IT according to ITIL and COBIT, non-IT following tight analyses and lean process models to optimize time-to-market while staying cost effective
  • Cost Efficiency: Optimizing of infrastructure, processes and management tools used in fragmented and heterogeneous corporate organizsations, based upon consistent cost analyses and strategic goal alignment allowing to address the right actions to ensure sustainable cost driver optimization
Challenges we address:
  • Heterogeneous business: Globally spread corporations face the problem of unifying and harmonizing views on cost, organization and processes. By a strong methodological approach and global assessments we help to establish a common view on comparable items
  • Strategical Risks: Changes in business and the market environment require reactions on analysts opinions, rating agencies, new customers and markets and on product innovations. We help to monitor these risks and take the right decisions
  • Organizational change: New faces bring the chance for change - but only if supported with the right tools at the right time. The first 100 days are considered the benchmark for the future positioning. By highly involving quick assessments we help to identify the painpoints and address the necessary fields of action
Excerpt of our assignments:
  • Strategic marketing : Benchmarking the own performance and strategy against the international competition with careful analysis to ensure comparability and right conclusions
  • Product innovation: Securing the USP in an innovation-driven market with over-the-top-providers attacking and a price war for commodities, facilitating idea generation and product feasabilitiy
  • Operational excellence : Optimizing of infrastructure, processes and management tools used in backend processes to guarantee user satisfaction and lower support costs, while keeping the technological base cost effective
Challenges we address:
  • High innovation pace: Ideas from yesterday are products of today and being copied tomorrow. Stay on the surface of the shark pool by consistenly reeinventing your style of swimming. Finding new business fields, cooperating with the right partners and avoiding the traps is key in the battle for the consumer
  • Long term transformation: Yesterday a client was a household with a phone number. Today, each individual has lots of business relations with different identities with his TelCo. Keeping up with this change, identifying overlapping products and using synergies to provide a combined customer experience instead of self-cannibalism with competing products
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Experience: Projects & References

Projects (excerpt)
  • Shared service center set up of regionally distributed insurance companies
  • Post merger strategy for world leading reinsurance company
Projects (excerpt)
  • Global restructuring and sourcing optimization of support processes for world leading pulp & paper producer
  • International infrastructure optimization for world leading car manufacturer
Projects (excerpt)
  • Organisational strategy for national leading ISP
  • Marketing strategy for national leading mobile network operator
Projects (excerpt)
  • Procurement optimization and reporting implementation for world leading logistics operator

Our consultants have collected experiences at large top companies – many of those in multinational environments.

We are glad to connect for specific references (excerpt):

  • Bayer Business Services
  • Daimler
  • UKE
  • FUSO
  • Allianz
  • Charite Berlin

  • Linde
  • Lufthansa
  • Merck
  • Audi

  • O2
  • swisscom
  • T-Mobile
  • Marburg

  • Deutsche Post
  • DeTeImmobilien
  • Deutscher Bundestag

  • LSG
  • StadtKoeln
  • DHL

Employment: Career@E3E

E3E is constantly seeking the best skilled people for the benefit of our clients. E3E offers a dynamic, rewarding working environment with development possibilities, where personality and results are valued as much as sustainability and professionality.

  • We apply the highest standards to us and to all associated people and we insist on the best
  • We want creative and daring performancer to remain successful on global markets innovatively
  • We are profitable, growing and offer practical chances for carrers
  • We insist on constant individual developments and offer the optimal foundation for it
  • We keep the relation close between performance and compensation and ensure maximal transparency
  • We are multifaceted, open minded and acting responsible

Send us a full CV and a convincing argumentation why you should be our choice - as well as your expectations from such a move.
Career @

Partners: Faces Behind

Our team consists of experienced consultants having worked in different top brand consulting companies as well as top management positions throughout various industries.To cover all areas of marginal but complex knowledge fields we uphold one of the most capable network of specialists. We value and utilize the unique talents that each individual offers to meet

Dr. Johannes Pölzl: Partner
Dr. Johannes Pölzl, Grad.-Oec.
Managing Partner

After more than 10 years of management consultancy I came in touch with many different topics in a wide area of industries. Along with international experience and the coaching of start-ups and early stage enterprises, I became a specialist in company transformation: driving evolution and innovation, changing and optimizing always offers a perspective towards new potential.

Despite the professionalism and the high expectations towards the work results of the whole team I value the life side of consultancy as well: being able to learn each day, spending intensive time with bright people around, pushing things forward. And not forgetting to celebrate achieved milestones.

Edmond D. Weinfeld, Bachelor, MBA

Consulting in international corporate and mid-sized companies have shown many similarities. People, milestones and deliverables have to be accommodated and dealt with to reach ambitious goals.
Since more then 5 Years in strategy consulting with focal points in telecommunication, automotive and media companies, I handled transformations, governances, business developments and innovative technologies.

One of the most important things I stand for is that working with people and merging seemingly conflicting goals to reach successful objectives can be a very rewarding benefit. I personally enjoy working with people who share this kind of professionalism, open mindedness and open culture to reach a shared destination.

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